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Living with an addicted spouse/partner.


How it affects the family.


How to function with dysfunction.

Self Help

What I did to move forward.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

SpousesAnonymous (SpA) is a virtual support group for spouses, who are married to addicts and live together as a couple.

SpousesAnonymous (SpA)

What Is The Purpose Of SpA?

SpA is a non-judgmental landing space to share our stories, discover ways to cope, and encourage one another. In addition to sharing, it offers a platform to vent, rant, laugh, or cry. To be heard or to listen. The goal is to inspire each other to move toward healing and peace amid chaos–one day at a time and often, one step at a time. Whether you are a spouse or not, religious or not, everyone is welcome to SpA.  We are all in the same boat. Welcome Aboard!

SpA Is Not A 12 Step Program

SpA is not a 12-step program with dos and don’ts, philosophies, or rituals. It doesn’t matter what the addiction is. There are many different Anonymous-based programs, and despite similarities, SpA is not patterned after any particular one.  The similarities are Anonymity and the Serenity Prayer. We are all anonymous.

Anonymity Encourages Openness & Honesty

Anonymity encourages openness & honesty, it lessons guilt and shame and protects you & your family from potential embarrassment. The Serenity Prayer reminds us to recognize and accept what we can and cannot change, and know the difference.

SpA Is Not A Religious Blog

SpA is not a religious blog, but it does have a spiritual aroma. Everyone is welcome at SpA, whether you’re a believer or not. As hard as it was and still is, becoming a source of Love, Faith, Peace and Hope, all tenets of Christianity, got me through the storms.

How Do I know If SpA Right For Me?

  • Do you and your addicted spouse live together?
  • Does one spouse create havoc and the other spouse pick up the pieces?
  • Does one spouse exhibit addictive behavior and the other spouse cover it up?

If so, then SpA is the place for you. It’s a place where you can openly discuss the damaging effects addiction has on the marriage and family. Welcome to SpA!